Saturday, September 2, 2017

Florida Cleaning Company believes that every family is unique and so should the house cleaning services. With Florida Cleaning Company you not only get a professional residential cleaning service but a reliable house cleaning partner that understands your schedule, lifestyle and budget.

Florida Cleaning Company has served more than 500 homes over 10 years all around Hillsborough County. Experience coupled with a highly trained team of maids make us able to offer the top quality residential cleaning services available.

Our professional maids are trained to meticulously cover every detail of your house and offer outstanding house cleaning results. Florida Cleaning Company residential cleaning services include professional window cleaning, granite, marble and specialty glass care and tiles, floors cleaning, Marmol, Traventin and Gardening.

We offer short and long term weekly, bi-weekly and monthly house cleaning packages as well as move in-out cleaning and professional window cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Florida Cleaning Company provides different approaches considering each customer’s needs and preferences. Some customers, for instance, prefer to not deal with anything related with cleaning. For them, the company can provide all the supplies and equipments necessary for the house cleaning services. However, if the customer prefer, they can provide their own supplies.

Florida Cleaning Company respects your preferences by creating a tailored made cleaning package for you. But whatever your preferences are, you can be sure that Florida Cleaning Company will do the dirty work for you so you can spend more quality time with your family.

Reliable Hillsborough County House Cleaning 

One of the most important points you must consider before hiring a house cleaning company is how reliable it is. You have to trust the company that will send someone with access to your house and your belongings.

Florida Cleaning Company maids are carefully screened and evaluated by experienced professionals before hired. Moreover, Florida Cleaning Company is a professional licensed and fully insured and bonded house cleaning company. That means that your house will be covered for any possible damage, breakage, loss or injury that may occur.

Over the years, the company has also built a reputation by maintaining great relationships with the customers. That’s the result of a mission of earning every single customer trust with every single visit.
Trust Florida Cleaning Company and your own dedicated cleaning crew to make your home spotless and sparkling from top to bottom. We’re proud to offer detailed housecleaning service and personalized attention to your home.

We follow a tried-and-true housecleaning process that begins with consistency and accountability. Enjoy thorough and dependable service from the same housecleaning crew for each and every visit, with staff following our step-by-step checklist to guarantee all standard services and personal requests are handled and signed-off before we leave the premises.

Our house cleaning process begins at the top to clear dust and cobwebs from ceilings and overhead light fixtures. Working their way down, surfaces are scrubbed, dry and wet dusted. Once all dust and debris is collected on the floor, our housecleaning staff vacuum, mops flooring, cleans photo frames and home accessories, shines glass surfaces (window cleaning), polishes wood furniture, and vacuums rugs, carpeting and upholstered furniture (carpet cleaning).

Kitchen and bathroom counters and cabinetry are wiped clean, with toilets and surfaces thoroughly sanitized. Sinks and showers are gently scrubbed and scoured. We then empty trash containers and ensure everything is in its proper place.

Enjoy a fresh, clean and invigorating home with meticulous housecleaning services. Contact Florida Cleaning Company to schedule a free assessment at your home if you need house cleaning.CALL TODAY! (813) 501 – 7875

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